Monday, 16 January 2012

Fable 1,2&3

Fable in my opinion is definitely high in the best games ever made list. The fable series does this by having one of the greatest story ever. I remember first playing fable one when i was younger and didn't really enjoy it but when i grew up a bit i gave it another chance and let me tell you i enjoyed every minute of it. A while after I was finished with the game the Xbox 360 was out and i decided that i really wanted one eventually i got one and it came with a copy of fable two which i was very exited to play. I believe this game to be in my top five and if you have ever played this game you will know what i mean. Fable two only got boring to me after i completed it for about the fifth time. I almost forgot about the two games until i heard there was a third. I got this the day after it came out and i couldn't put it down because the story line was so exiting and fun to play but then something happened, yes i completed it and rushed through it to fast but it was still worth getting. so if you are thinking about trying the series do it but once you come to the third don't, just rent it and you will get everything done. 

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