Thursday, 19 January 2012


Runescape was a big part of my life from around age ten onwards and its changed alot over the years but is still probably one of my favoroite games i say this because the sense of adventure and questing on it and is really fun to play with friends. If you have never played this and are looking for a great mmorpg to play this is definitely worth a go. Please dont go on it and give up strait away give it a chance and give yourself time to get started. Dont forget to give your views on this and try to encourage other people  to play this game.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Xbox breakdown

To anyone thinking about getting an xbox 360 I recommend you do as long as you dont buy one of the older models. This is because of the 'red ring' I know because i am now on my fourth xbox and the other three got red ring and i couldnt send them back. So if you want one get one of the newest i warn you if you dont you will regret it in a year or two. Please leave comments on your xbox breakdowns to help out my point.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Zombies is one of the best gaming experiences in my opinion. Im not a very big call of duty fan anymore but i would still get one of the games if it had zombies on it. If i had a choice i would say to get rid of the call of duty part and just bring out zombies games I think this would make alot of money for them and alot more fun for us. thanks for reading and be sure to leave your point of vew in the comments.


Quite a while ago me and a friend decided to give World of warcraft a go but i myself was pretty disappointed with the game although this could have been because I only played the trail game and I imagine it to be much better than the trail. So if your thinking about playing this game I would recommend to start playing the real version strait away. thanks for reading and please leave comments on your WOW experience.

My all time favorite game

I myself am a big lover of rpg type games and so i was really exited when i saw the trailers for borderlands. Me and a few friends got this game and started playing through the campaign together and it is a brilliant experience for people who enjoy rpgs and i can say with no problem it is my favorite game of all time. So if you ever get a chance to play this then i highly encourage you to do so. Thanks for reading and be sure to leave comments on your favorite game and why. 

Monday, 16 January 2012

Fable 1,2&3

Fable in my opinion is definitely high in the best games ever made list. The fable series does this by having one of the greatest story ever. I remember first playing fable one when i was younger and didn't really enjoy it but when i grew up a bit i gave it another chance and let me tell you i enjoyed every minute of it. A while after I was finished with the game the Xbox 360 was out and i decided that i really wanted one eventually i got one and it came with a copy of fable two which i was very exited to play. I believe this game to be in my top five and if you have ever played this game you will know what i mean. Fable two only got boring to me after i completed it for about the fifth time. I almost forgot about the two games until i heard there was a third. I got this the day after it came out and i couldn't put it down because the story line was so exiting and fun to play but then something happened, yes i completed it and rushed through it to fast but it was still worth getting. so if you are thinking about trying the series do it but once you come to the third don't, just rent it and you will get everything done. 

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Xbox vs PS3

Most people I know either have an Xbox or a PS3 and there is always a consant argument about which is the better console so ive decided to right about why I think Xbox is the top console. My first reason is I much prefer the community on it and think it is alot more user friendly than the PS3. I was going to talk about the graphics comparison but im not to sure about which is better because i havent played much PS3 so I dont know that one. I think my main reason for the Xbox being top dog of the console world is the parties. I think that Xbox live parties boost the online xperience so much and Xbox wouldnt be nearly as good without it. Thankyou for reading and leave comments on which you think is better and why.