Thursday, 19 January 2012


Runescape was a big part of my life from around age ten onwards and its changed alot over the years but is still probably one of my favoroite games i say this because the sense of adventure and questing on it and is really fun to play with friends. If you have never played this and are looking for a great mmorpg to play this is definitely worth a go. Please dont go on it and give up strait away give it a chance and give yourself time to get started. Dont forget to give your views on this and try to encourage other people  to play this game.


  1. I like runescape. Come GWD with me!

  2. I played RuneScape for about 3 years, after getting to lv 95 and completing all quests it just got boring. But the game is awesome!

  3. ive played rs for the past 8 years or so. i cant get back into it after they ruined it. I still nostalgia about the old days though

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