Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Xbox breakdown

To anyone thinking about getting an xbox 360 I recommend you do as long as you dont buy one of the older models. This is because of the 'red ring' I know because i am now on my fourth xbox and the other three got red ring and i couldnt send them back. So if you want one get one of the newest i warn you if you dont you will regret it in a year or two. Please leave comments on your xbox breakdowns to help out my point.


  1. I got the green ring of death :P

  2. Totally agree with you here, I've gone through 3, cause of THE red ring of death, royal pain in the arse, tried everything, restored one for a while after taking it apart & putting it back together again, but alas, she died, doesn't put me off though, i'm an Xbox girl all the way :) great blog & following :)