Friday, 13 January 2012

My favorite Call Of Duty

There has been many COD games and im sure most of you enjoyed the majority of them but which is the best one? im writing my favorite and why I liked it so much and you be sure to do the same in the comments. My favorite by far has to be Call Of Duty 5 this is mainly because I liked the fact it was based in world war two but there are many other reasons for example I much preferred the choice of weaponry and thought the maps were very well thought out not to mention that you actually had vehicles you could drive that wasnt a kill streak. I wouldnt recommend playing it now though because the amount of hacking in the games like once a few months ago me and a friend thought we would play it again but couldnt get into a single lobby that wasnt hacked. Thankyou for reading and be sure to comment on your favorite COD and why its your favorite.

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